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Looking for fuller, luscious lashes? We can carefully apply Hollywood semi-permanent eyelash extensions to give you thicker, longer eyelashes that enhance your own natural lash line.


We use the finest quality  of fake lashes available so that your eyelashes are as comfortable as possible.

Hollywood semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Flutter and flirt some more

Full Set £60

Half Set £40

Maintenance £25

Party Lashes (Lasts for 24 hours) £15

Show off your beautiful eyes even more with our eyecare beauty treatments including eyebrow tinting and waxing.


If you have pesky fine lines around your eye area that are bothering you we can help with that too! Contact us today to ask about our facials and CACI treatments.

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Eyelashes you'll be proud to bat!

Get your semi-permanent eyelashes today!

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