Built up muscle tension and stress can contribute towards headaches, pain and fatigue. Let us soothe away strains with a skilled massage.  Combined with sumptuous infusions of essential oils these massages are designed to fill you with a sense of wellbeing.

Choose from the following luxury massages:

Enhance your relaxation

Deep tissue Back massage (30min)- £25

Deep tissue full body massage (60min)- £38

Aroma Stone (30min)- £30

Aroma stone (60min)- £40

Indian head massage (30min)- £25

Hopi Ear Candling £30


Why not boost the feeling of radiance and revitalisation by combining a massage with one of our other beauty therapies?


Or choose one of our packages for the ultimate in complete relaxation! Contact us to ask about our Holistic Heaven package - sure to have you feeling like you have enjoyed two hours in paradise!

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Let us massage away your stress

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Reflexology aids in balancing the whole system both physically and emotionally and is a great tool to maintain your well being in a natural way. During the reflexology treatment will work over the entire foot using a form of pressure point massage taking note of any areas of slight discomfort, formation of 'crystals' and also take note of skin appearance and temperature. From stimulating sluggish digestion and supporting weight loss, assisting in relieving back pain, picking up thyroid imbalances, rebalancing stress levels all the way through to smaller things such as picking up a toothache from a tiny area on the clients toe! Regular treatments can have a very positive outcome for the individual. When the body is relaxed it functions much more effectively on all levels

50minute £32